AGORA’ Pri.Banks

All members of Pri.Banks strive to achieve efficient and effective banking entrepreneurship. Within this context, open DISCUSSION is very highly valued, encouraged, and practiced.

Pri.Banks is adamant that it will abstain from roles that might, directly or indirectly, limit open and free competition among the associate banks, which is a cornerstone of the Association. This, along with the limited resources, is the reason why Pri.Banks does not intend to create associative technical bodies and act as a specific reference point and/or as a technical coordinator for them. However, it can act as an organisational facilitator for joint and mutual discussion among the associated banks.
This is the foundation of AGORA’ Pri.Banks which is designed as a place to exchange operations-related experiences.

A true networking experience, which is going to strengthen the connections that already exist among the associate Banks and brings them closer together from a strictly operational point of view as well.

Creating a common space for discussion is also a way for banks with a longer-standing tradition to provide precious help, based on their success case history and on a broader and consolidated experience.